In my practice, I listen very carefully to what people say about themselves, about their lives.

The conversations hold the clues of how you are draining your qi or vital life force. No pain nor disease comes out of nowhere.

Pain is an accumulation of little things over time –– frustrations, sorrows, grievances and/or fear wrapped in a story, words strung together that say why your life or the world IS the way it IS. My job is to listen and unpack.

My job is to listen to what you say as well as how you say it.

My job is to remind you what you say you want.

If it’s to be pain-free and you’re tensing your shoulders as you tell the story of your tyrannical boss, my job is to notice that, but more importantly, have you notice.

And then breathe.

The needles come later, but the needles are only part of the healing. The conversation is designed for you to wake up to your power.

You have a particular language.

It’s your body’s language that tells you that you’re sick, yet also holds the key to your wellness.

Your tension is your gift.

Your pain is your power.

Your dis-ease is your path to wake up.