You are more powerful than you know. More powerful than you could ever imagine.

I know it doesn’t always feel that way.

After all, you’ve been systematically made to feel powerless your whole life.

Why? Because when people feel powerless they’re easier to sell to.

When we feel helpless, vulnerable, unable to advocate for our own wellbeing, we’re more susceptible to sales and marketing messages that claim to have The Answer.

It could be the diet companies pushing their answer to your expanding waistline and flagging energy. The miracle-cure medication you see during every single ad break. Even well-meaning yogis will sometimes try to sell their own spiritual practice as the single solution to all of your health woes.

And there’s one thing that most of these messages have in common:

They lead you to believe that the answer to your healing, your wellbeing, and your happiness is external.

But here’s what the people writing,and selling, these messages don’t want you to know:

You are more powerful than you imagine.

The answer to health, healing, and happiness, more often than not, isn’t found in the external. It lies within you.

The things your body can do — and is already doing, right now, as you’re reading this — are astonishing.

Your heart is pumping blood all around your system. Your skin is helping regulate your body temperature. Your digestive system knows exactly how to extract the goodness from the food you eat and discard what it doesn’t need.

The neurons in your brain are firing, solving problems, processing countless new pieces of information every minute, laying down memories. Your awareness of hunger, of thirst, and of course, pain, is your brain and your body working in tandem to clue you in to your most fundamental needs.

Qi, your vital life energy, is already coursing around your body, waiting for you to give it the information it needs to heal, to feel alive and energized.

You are an almighty being, full of mind-blowing power.

When you break it down like that, it’s impossible to see yourself as anything other than an all-mighty being, walking around full of sheer, mind-blowing power!

Your body is a canister of chemicals designed to make you feel good and when you don’t, it lets you know something’s up and creates or directs you towards an antidote. 

How amazing is that?

Of course, that’s not to say there won’t be times when you feel less than amazing. Times when your qi becomes blocked and unable to travel around your body as it should. Times when physical pain or mental distress make it that much harder to listen to and interpret the messages your body is sending you. Times when you’ll want to succumb to the messages telling you that you need to look outside of yourself to gain control over your health and healing.

When you begin to feel that powerlessness, that vulnerability, that urge to search for the one thing that’ll help you feel better, know this:

Yes, the power of healing lies within you. But that doesn’t mean that you have to walk your healing path alone.

There might not be a single miracle drug or a simple one-size-fits-all program to follow. But there is help. While it’s important not to rely solely on external sources of healing, the right guidance and support can help you tap into the transformative healing capabilities that already lie within your own mind, and within your own body.

If you’re ready to explore your own individual path to wellbeing, including learning how to tap into your internal healing, I’d love to help guide you. Get in touch to find out where to begin.

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