What We Do

I know this may come as a shock, but you have a body.

I mean, I know you understand this intellectually, but how often do you forget to actually pay attention to your body? How often do you ignore what your body is trying to tell you? From, “I’m hungry, it’s time to eat,” to, “Stop lifting heavy things before you hurt yourself!” to, “Drink more water… it will make that headache go away!” Our bodies talk to us all day long, but our culture has trained us to turn a deaf ear to its voice.

It’s time to get present with your body so you can get present with how you’re living your life. One way to do this is learning how to use language to talk about your body and your life (in thought or out loud) as a powerful way to create long-term health. When we know how our words affect our bodies, we can be more effective in healing not only ourselves, but our communities and our world.

This is a process of discovering how you create and dissolve sensations in your body with the language you use. The How You Heal method uses practical, in-the-moment observations of your body/mind connection to guide and empower you to become aware of your body’s sensations and the lessons these sensations hold for you.

What we do:

No two people are alike — why should their treatment plans be identical? I treat every patient with a bespoke blend of the many modalities I have at my disposal. This ensures that you get exactly the treatment your body needs at that moment on the day of treatment. It’s the most responsive version of treatment you can get, which means that you get the best results for your body, mind, and spirit.

Some of the most popular treatments include:


A natural, pain-free modality in the Chinese medical toolbox in which extremely thin needles are placed on energy centers of the body to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism, while bringing the entire body back into balance. Adjunctive therapies include, moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, E-stim, essential oils and plum blossom needling.

Acupuncture is offered in our Takoma Park office in the Washington DC Metro Area. Schedule Here.

Learn more about Acupuncture.


Nutritional Assessment

Evaluation of food and nutritional deficiencies and recommendations to get you feeling great again! Please bring with you current supplements and herbal remedies.

Zhineng Qigong (medical qigong)

Zhineng qigong is a series of movements or exercises to improve health, increase vitality where you experience inner peace, balance, joy and tap into your own inherent wisdom.

I can teach you exercises during our treatment time, or you can join me for group classes in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Classes are taught in Takoma Park, Maryland

Hunyuan Qi Therapy (medical qigong)

Hunyuan Qi Therapy is a medical treatment based on the theory of Zhineng Qigong Science focusing on getting all the parts of your self –– body, mind, spirit, and energy –– all working together in harmony for holistic mental, emotional and physical health.

Available both in-office in the DC Metro Area or from a distance.

Health Coaching

Our conversations hold the clues to how you drain your “qi” (vital life force). Chronic pain and diseases are an accumulation of many things including your life experiences over time –– frustrations, sorrows, grievances and/or fear wrapped in a story, words strung together that say why your life or the world IS the way it IS. My job is to listen and unpack, to listen to what you say as well as how you say it. Your job is to learn to observe your body as you think and speak about all aspects of your life. This is just a piece of how we bring you back into your well-being.

Available in-office in the DC Area or from a distance.

Sample Structure:

1:1 coaching (6 weeks)

Trust Your Body Language includes:

  • Weekly 45 minute to 1 hour conversations via Zoom, FaceTime or Google Hangout to learn, practice, and reflect on your growing skills and awareness.
  • Daily check-in emails each morning to note your progress.
  • A surprise Welcome Package full of goodies to get you feeling anchored and ready to practice.
  • Wellness skills to practice  between our calls to strengthen your observations of your body.

Knowing your power opens up entirely new ways of thinking and living. What will become possible for you when you can trust your body? 


Coming in 2020!

Through intentionally designed conversations, exercises, and practices, you will learn how to observe your body in a present, and unique way. As you practice these observational skills, you develop an awareness that there is no separation between you, your thoughts, and your body. There’s a trick in the way we use English that labels our pain as external to us, as other than, as “it”. But in this context in Chinese language, there is no character for “it”. There is only you. You and your sensations are one and the same.

Your symptoms are your power. Your dis-ease is your path to wake up and heal.

I believe you have an intuitive sense of this work. You have a still, small voice that knows your body is wise. You know that there must be ways to live well regardless of your symptoms or diagnosis, and you’re looking for deeper ways of healing that tap into this knowing. And, most importantly, you know that it’s possible to look at yourself from an empowered context.

You can trust your body. You can trust yourself.

While your doctor does have a lifetime of knowledge and experience at their disposal, only you know what it feels like to live in your body. The dynamic between doctor and patient can sometimes (not always, but sometimes) leave us feeling powerless. Only you know how to describe your particular experience. Only you get to decide what your body symptoms suggest and how they’ll impact your life. It’s time to question the well-embedded assumption that doctors are the only ones with answers and that patients lack their own knowledge and wisdom about their bodies and their health. It’s time for us to reclaim our power and take an active role in our own healing. Once you practice  how to listen differently to your body’s wisdom, you can learn how to communicate to your doctors and other practitioners on how to help you feel better.

There is no silver-bullet. But with practice, you can transform your illness, stuckness, and dis-ease, into lifelong harmony with your body.

Long-term healing means feeling more like yourself. It’s taking the long view of your life to get you where you want to go and how you want to live.

As you observe your body through the How You Heal processes, you will notice an immediate decrease in discomfort. Over the course of our time together, I’ll teach you how to truly inhabit your body – to understand the language of your particular symptoms – and to reclaim your power to create your own well-being.

This is how you heal.

Your well-being is foremost on my mind in how I deliver my medicine. The steps we take together include:

Internal Philosophy: Listening very carefully to what you say about yourself and your life.

Our conversations hold the clues to how you drain your “qi” (vital life force). Pain or disease doesn’t come from nowhere. Pain is an accumulation of experiences over time –– frustrations, sorrows, grievances and/or fear wrapped in a story, words strung together that say why your life or the world IS the way it IS. My job is to listen and unpack, to listen to what you say as well as how you say it. Your job is to learn to observe your body as you think and speak about all aspects of your life.

External Symptoms: Focusing on what you say you want.

If it’s to reduce the year-long shoulder and neck pain and you’re tensing your shoulders as you tell the story of your tyrannical boss, my job is to notice that, but more importantly, have you notice. And then breathe.

Practical Implementation: Practicing through very concrete observational skills to become aware of the mind/body connection.

What I offer is simple, easy to implement daily practices that help you interrupt your inner autopilot. You can’t heal if you aren’t aware how you’re participating in your pain. The practices that I offer become finely honed skills you can weave easily into your day. Your new practices also make great dinner conversation with friends and family – which in and of itself can be a healing practice all it’s own as you discover and heal how you spread your upset or discomfort, so too can you spread your new-found ease.

When you can trust your body and emotions to work in harmony, you now have access to an amazing, instant feedback and guidance system. YOU are the original FitBit.

How does it all REALLY work? Click to read a real How You Heal case study.

Here’s how you can get started:

:: Trust Your Body Language

This foundational offering explores the building blocks of the mind/body connection. We’ll work together to uncover your body’s own unique language, and how to use your own wisdom to create and sustain long-term wellness.

When you trust your body’s language, you can:

  • return to the source of your power.
  • monitor both your emotional and physical energy.
  • work with your body to repair “qi leaks”.
  • create the energy you live to live a full life.

As your fluency in this conversation grows, so does your trust in your body.

Together we will:

  • Integrate the Laws of Chinese Medicine to see how your body and mind work together.
  • Interrupt habituated ways of thinking and reconnect you to what you truly want for your life.
  • Design an individualized process to observe your particular life situations and use that information to practice observing your physical sensations.
  • Observe the patterns at play in your life and empower you to make the choices that bring relief.

Trust Your Body Language is a reliable method for long-term wellness. Once you’ve learned these skills they will be available to you forever. The more you practice, the more they will deepen and grow, allowing you to adapt with grace to whatever life throws your way. This course is designed to give you the confidence, awareness, and trust to know that you are vastly capable of living by design.

This work is a good fit for you if:

  • You want relief from a life defined and limited by your symptoms.
  • You remember what you felt like to be without this symptom, and long to get back to that.
  • You are ready to learn the skills you need to work with the messages encoded in these symptoms.
  • You want to truly understand what “healthy” is for you.
  • You are seeking a long-lasting, sustainable breakthrough in your health.

Your body is your truth teller. Learn to listen. Deeply. It will be the most important conversation you ever have.

“You’ve redefined a lot of ideas I’ve held previously – from power to love to breath and the body – and made my life much better. Thank you for all you’ve done for me – I really don’t know how I would have made it through this time in particular without you.”  -Molly K.

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