What We Do

No two people are alike — why should their treatment plans be identical?

I treat every patient with a bespoke blend of the many modalities I have at my disposal. This ensures that you get exactly the treatment your body needs at that moment on the day of treatment. It’s the most responsive version of treatment you can get, which means that you get the best results for your body, mind, and spirit.

There is no silver-bullet. 

But with practice, you can transform your illness, stuckness, and disease, into lifelong harmony with your body. Here are some of the modalities we’ll use:


A natural, pain-free modality in the Chinese medical toolbox in which extremely thin needles are placed on energy centers of the body to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism, while bringing the entire body back into balance. Adjunctive therapies include, moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, E-stim, essential oils and plum blossom needling.

Acupuncture is offered in our Takoma Park office in the Washington DC Metro Area. Schedule Here.

Learn more about Acupuncture.


Nourishment Assessment

Evaluation of how you move in the world – with food, supplements, medication, with physical movement, including determining how much stress you may be carrying. The point of this visit is to get you feeling good by determining what’s out of balance and how to bring it back into balance! Please bring with you any current medications and/or supplements you are taking.

Zhineng Qigong (medical qigong)

Zhineng qigong is a series of movements or exercises to improve health, increase vitality where you experience inner peace, balance, joy and tap into your own inherent wisdom.

Weekly classes are included in the how YOU heal Community membership. For more information, go here.

Hunyuan Qi Therapy (medical qigong)

Hunyuan Qi Therapy is a medical treatment based on the theory of Zhineng Qigong Science focusing on getting all the parts of your self –– body, mind, spirit, and energy –– all working together in harmony for holistic mental, emotional and physical health.

Available both in-office in the DC Metro Area or from a distance.

Health Coaching

Our conversations hold the clues to how you drain your “qi” (vital life force). Chronic pain and diseases are an accumulation of many things including your life experiences over time –– frustrations, sorrows, grievances and/or fear wrapped in a story, words strung together that say why your life or the world IS the way it IS. My job is to listen and unpack, to listen to what you say as well as how you say it. Your job is to learn to observe your body as you think and speak about all aspects of your life. This is just a piece of how we bring you back into your well-being.

Available in-office in the DC Area or from a distance.

Knowing your power opens up entirely new ways of thinking and living. What will become possible for you when you can trust your body? 


Coming in 2020!

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