Winter is the time in our lives that gives us the chance to focus on our internal lives. This change of season is a gift to resume cultivating all the things we say we want which ultimately are found internally and not externally.

In medical Zhineng qigong, we are on a path to continually practice building our qi or energy reserves, our joy, our courage, and happiness. It’s all possible. 

In meditation and movement, you regain your power. 

You wake up again and again to your power. 

The mediation and movements are subtle but powerful because within you is immense power. Outside of you, nature is your guide, your teacher, your caretaker. We connect with nature’s lifeforce, merge with our lifeforce and the ongoing result is a deep connection to you. The results are many – pain relief, improved sleep, anxiety and fear melt away and so much more.

In Zhineng qi gong, thoughts are considered a specific type of qi that contains information that affects our body and the bodies outside ours. We meditate to harness and focus the information of thoughts to heal – heal ourselves, our family, community, the world. That is why we go through specific steps because we are adjusting and opening our minds to connect to the source of all things which is healing information. This transforms and heals our own body starting with the mind located in the Shenji Palace, the upper dantian. 

At how YOU heal, we do this together as a community of self-healers. We build an even stronger qi field together to shift these dark times and bring in the light-because you can’t join the darkness to bring in the light. 

You         Be           The         Light

Do not allow what’s happening around you to affect you (IKR? easier said than done, but this is why we practice again and again). You practice and shift. You can’t serve humanity with a negative mentality and emotions. This depletes you and negatively impacts your organ qi. 

This is an invitation for you to practice and become your own self-healer, inside a supportive community. The container of 2020 has felt like a prison for some, but it really is an opportunity to experience your own power, and know deep down in your bones that we are inextricably connected. There is no substitute for being amongst your community. That time is on the horizon. But for right now, don’t squander the gift of winter, do go deep and connect with your own power.

You’ve heard before that the only thing we can influence is ourselves. Cultivate your own inner light. Your light is your joy, your peace, your healing. 

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