What do you like to do for fun?

Ummmmm. This question is always a stumper for me.

This sounds like a pick-up line in a bar but I’m hearing it from my coach and mentor who’s asking me because she is sensing from her side of the screen that something’s off and I rarely mention anything other than my to-do list and where I am in my vision board.

Truthfully, I’ve always been envious of women who seem to know how to play. Knowing isn’t the right word. They play. Period. From where I sit, it must be instinctual or some DNA trait that did not inherit through the stiff-upper-lip English stock I come from.​

They are born this way, perhaps?

A lot of women I know from friends to acquaintances when we circle around the subject of play, that it doesn’t feel ….natural.

What we usually say that we are good at work in all its forms. If I played as much as I worked, then I swear I’d be playing ALL THE TIME.

But I’m curious, is there a difference?

Between work life and play life?

Why is there a difference?​

Is it training?​

Is the only difference a thought : X is work. X is play.

What’s the imaginary line we ink? Why do we do that?​

Could it be different?

I don’t have answers.

I love the process and result of what I do in the world. And I also have other interests, and they seem to me to be more creative, more playful. But I have those in a category of not-to-be-indulged-because-bills-must-be-paid.


I’m still curious what’s your fun amidst these troubled times? What are you taking a break for to summon the joy that’s naturally yours?

Here’s a few photos of some fun I had in the kitchen. I like to bake but not necessarily to eat (although I LOVE that, too), but to makes something eye-pleasing, edible and using some funky ingredients-all to see what it will look and taste like. It’s about putting it all together that interests me.
home made cup cakes

If this is also you, please follow @mustloveherbs who has a beautiful IG feed, and @aminamundi whose products I use every day on Instagram. These women-owned businesses provide stunning photographs of what they concoct along with herbal knowledge that I envy. They both merge beauty and plant reverence while incorporating herbs and foods found in a garden into everyday life.

Pictured above, Walnut Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies (I swear the BEST CCC hands down) and Mushroom Chocolate Cupcakes with Edible Moss + Lavender Flowers. @mustloveherbs made marzipan mushrooms but I added flowers from my garden. And, I know you’re thinking “Eww, mushroom, really Mary”? Not made from a mushroom!