Virtual Services

No two people are alike — why should their treatment plans be identical?

I treat every patient with a bespoke blend of the many modalities I have at my disposal. This ensures that you get exactly the treatment your body needs at that moment on the day of treatment. It’s the most responsive version of treatment you can get, which means that you get the best results for your body, mind, and spirit.

There is no silver-bullet. 

But with practice, you can transform your illness, stuckness, and disease, into lifelong harmony with your body. Here are some of the modalities we’ll use:

Zhineng Qigong Classes

Qi = energy, life force
Gong = practice

A powerful practice to build and move energy in the body, in the mind, and in the emotions. This practice improves your health. You also get the experience of deep inner peace, clarity and practice of cultivating your inherent wisdom. Together, we build our internal life force, to improve your body’s vital systems, whereby strengthening your body and mind against disease.

Think of it as a powerful moving meditation.


 A Consultation will be an online or over the phone conversation reviewing your health concerns and goals, and figuring out how I can be of help.

After discussing your concerns, I will explain my treatment philosophy, what I might offer you if we determine that you are fit to how I practice the medicine.  We’ll also discuss what to expect at your visit, including treatment plan, COVID-19 protocols and payment options.

Then, we look at the schedule to see when you can come in to get started!


Hun Yuan Qi Therapy

Beyond the personal practice of qigong, there is also a person-to-person therapeutic aspect as well. This can be done in-person or from a distance. 

Hun Yuan Qi Therapy is part of the medical Zhineng Qigong tradition. They are both self-healthcare management practices and are very effective during very high stress times. Even if we were not faced with a pandemic, their efficacy has been well-documented and validated for literally centuries in China (evidence of which is now being gathered in the US by many of my colleagues) for all types of physical and mental issues.

Life-long Wellness Skills Coaching
I don’t have to tell you that these past few years have been like a rollercoaster with no way off the ride.

But 2022? It can be completely different.

What if 2022 was the year you …

See THAT THING you struggle with – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual as a HUGE source of power.

A Power Source. 

What if you had a set of aikido-like skills to direct your power instead of ignoring, dismissing or muting it?

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