How acupuncture can help you in 2014

You’re resting and recuperating from the holidays, right?  Because you are resting and creating some down time, you notice things bubbling up that you see yourself being or doing or having this year.  It’s the New Year after all, and that usually holds The Possibility of Creating Something New yet again. It’s creating some excitement and enthusiasm and/or perhaps you’re a little confronted.

If you’re bumping up against thoughts that are exciting and a little daunting, I say you’re headed in the right direction. There’s gold in them ‘thar hills! And, acupuncture can help. Here are five common intentions people talk about for the New Year:

1.  Weight loss: This is usually at the top of the list, hand-in-hand with “getting-fit”.  But weight loss for one person won’t use the same strategy as another.  There are studies being conducted regarding weight loss efficacy.  Acupuncture is great for assisting in reducing your cravings and helping you be more present to what you’re eating, but also observing Like-You-Never-Have-Before circumstances that trigger your food choices. No wrong, no right. Everyone is different, and everyone needs a unique plan. The One-Size-Fits-All approach doesn’t work for everyone, and there’s a reason for that. Come in and find out why.

2.  Confidence and Increased Self-awareness: These are tied for second place, and you won’t likely hear people say that’s why they came in for acupuncture. Still, it’s often a mentioned after treatment—an extraordinary side benefit. If you are going for that work promotion, want to start dating again or are no longer interested in being a doormat in certain relationships, there are ancient Chinese secrets that can work for you.
“I was skeptical of acupuncture at first, especially since the first acupuncturist I tried wasn’t very good. However, Mary truly knows what she is doing. She helps you identify what’s bothering you, and is able to help you release those feelings, whether physical or emotional. After each session I feel relaxed and clear headed. She is a great listener and really makes you feel like you are doing “good work” on yourself. My sessions with her give me confidence and the piece of mind I need to get me through each day. I feel like I’m more in-tune with my body now that I use acupuncture.”

3. Reducing stress: Other than reducing pain, reducing stress is another main reason why people seek acupuncture. Or, they realize that for whatever reason that led them to acupuncture, they feel more at ease after treatment and can handle life better. People report being calm, and notice they aren’t reacting to circumstances the way they normally would. The only thing you have control over is your reaction to what life presents you, and smoothing your qi through acupuncture is extremely helpful.
Mary is a gifted healer.  She is very intuitive and often sees what I need when I cannot.  I came seeking help with stress and sleep, and ended up with so much more.  Not only am I sleeping better and less stressed, but I have also dealt with some underlying emotional issues thanks to Mary’s coaching and healing.  I feel so much more centered and grounded thanks to my treatments.”

4.  Reducing Pain: This is what acupuncture is known for in the Western World.  By now, you have some understanding that acupuncture can do much more than this. Acupuncture can ease the body into relaxation. It’s amazing.
 “Mary, what a wonderful person. Getting acupuncture through “Your Access Acupuncture” is not just acupuncture, it’s acupuncture with MARY. I myself was not essentially afraid of needles but more cautious because I was not sure it would work. Boy was I wrong. I suffered a bad ACL tear and I barely feel any more pain. I went from an everyday pain that inhibited me from one of my physical passions which is to bike, but after seeing Mary a few times I am back on the road again biking.”

5.  Better sleep: If this is your issue, there’s no need to suffer. Health conditions are often exacerbated by lack of sleep. Or, is it the lack of sleep that exacerbates health conditions?  Regardless, this is one of the first things we tackle because we all feel better when well-rested, and make better life choices for ourselves to boot.
   “If you are looking for results, I highly recommend Mary. I initially went to Mary for stress reduction & treatment of insomnia. Within 2 treatments, I was sleeping like a baby and my blood pressure was much improved. I now go to Mary for general wellness and I’ve never felt better.”

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