New Year’s Eve, with the help of friends, I dredged a corner of my headspace dedicated to certain topics, namely love and loss, so that I could kick THAT personal brand of BS story to the 2017 curb.

No taking last year’s garbage into the New Year.

Last year’s theme was figuring out who I WAS and acting from that discovery. I aikido’d my life. Which meant I redirected my focus from investments of people, places and things that didn’t promise growth into people, places and things that did.

No more sacrificing my True North.

And, no blame. Done with that sh^*.

What came from the oftentimes painful reconstruction was an amazing year-especially when it came to owning my craft, my medicine, my healing work in the world. I took five different types of acupuncture trainings and two herbal trainings within 8 months. That’s a lot!

There’s more.

I took my updated knowledge, applied it to my patients (still am with great results) but then fortified my world with the same teachers and students (which many I call friends) who know their value and the amazing, irrefutable benefits of Chinese medicine. I experienced a new-found confidence and love of this medicine.

So, now what??

A new year is an opportunity to hit the reset button. It’s tradition. And, many people, including myself, have failed to extend the enthusiasm and optimism past January. I believe that those attributes are helpful for lift-off, but I don’t believe you need to maintain them rigidly. It’s unrealistic and unsustainable. Life isn’t like that. You set a goal. You simultaneously also set up obstacles to that goal. Expect that and then deal accordingly.

When you set a new intention or goal, being excited about the possibility of bearing the fruits of your labor is NECESSARY.Excitement is the confirmation that what you’re about to undertake has the under (or over) tones ringing of a HELL YAASSS! Perhaps there’s a bit of a belly-flop and a yikes-WTH-am-I-about-to-do may also be in the mix. Unknowing and fear are BFFs. Fear might lead to the next thought, “Nah, I’m good” or “Not gonna do it”, or my personal favorite, “I’ll start next week”. These thoughts come with a sinking feeling.

That’s the sensation to tell you that your HELL YAASSS was the correct one. It had lift, even with the tinge of fear.

Putting a goal off has a sinking feeling and doesn’t feel good. Not following your intentions to jumpstart a workout or food plan/diet, finally taking that writing or art class or not calling your Mom every week feels like crap. You’re going against yourself. So not cool at the very least, but more importantly,undermining your integrity, which I say, impacts your well-being.

You likely have a stockpile of things that you turned your back on and you’ve just added more to the pile. This is why it doesn’t feel good to go counter to your commitments.

Yes, interrupting the status quo is scary.

But it’s temporary. Remember that.

Bigger rewards come through the work.

Do. The. Work.

All this to say (because there is a good chance you will abandon yourself), I have good news….


You may turn your back on you. But you can always TURN BACK AROUND.

Any time, any hour, any day. Whew!

But you alone are the one to lead you out of your comfort zone. And, you’re not alone. I’m here to help. If you need assistance in sticking to your 2018 health and well-being commitments, I’m your woman.

There is power in support, there are greater and faster results with accountability. In 2017, I hired many people – from masters in Chinese medicine to hone my skills, to masters of well-being to keep my body and mind fit so I can be top notch. They kicked my tush in the direction I said I wanted. I can too easily “forget” unless I, too, have someone I’m accountable to.

Let me be that for you.

I’m here to help.

And, it’ll be a gentle kick-in-the-tush.