It’s the Holy Grail of the 21st century: finding the ONE thing that’s going to make you feel amazing.

And we’re all searching for it in one way or another.

You might be on a quest for the one diet that’ll give you boundless energy, glowing skin, and help you keep your weight in check. And everyone has an opinion, from your BFF to the “strong not skinny” crew on Insta. Paleo, keto, vegan, raw vegan…the proponents of each will tell you that their chosen diet is THE answer to all of your health woes.

Exercise is no different. We see the regular runners, the Pilates devotees, the folk dedicated to lifting and they make us feel like if we just found the ideal form of movement for us, we’d find creating a consistent workout practice a breeze.

Whether it’s our friends trying to convince us to join them on their latest diet, ads trying to sell you wonder cocktail of vitamins, or your social media feed making you feel like you’re not trying hard enough with your workout routine, we’re constantly fed the idea that not only is there One True Path to health and wellness, but once we’ve found our path, we need to master it, conquer it, and adhere to it evermore — and then we’ll have the answer to feeling great.

But it’s an approach that’s destined to fail.

And you know this really. Because you’ve tried to find your One True Path many times…and been disappointed.

This might feel especially obvious when it comes to diet or exercise. Maybe you’ve tried your BFF’s new wonder diet only to find that, while it works for her, it leaves you feeling tired and irritable. Maybe you’ve tried running because your colleague swears it’s the only thing that keeps them sane but you hate every minute of it and it aggravates your knee joints. We’ve all tried different things and discovered that what works for some might just not work for us.

But when it comes to healing and pain, the fact that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution is far less obvious.

We’ve been trained — by medical professionals, not just Instagram influencers — to look for the one form of treatment that’ll make everything better. The ideal pill that’ll take the pain away. Often when we, or our doctors, do deviate from the one solution we’ve tried, it’s usually to take a different pill that might have different (rather than fewer!) side effects.

But here’s the thing:

We are all wonderfully, wildly different. We are multi-faceted beings who experience pain in different ways, who experience the effects of trauma and emotional pain in different ways, who react to stress in different ways.

And we’re all wonderfully, wildly complex too. When we try to boil healing down to the treatment of a single symptom or a single site of pain, we lose sight of the fact that every cell in our bodies and minds are interconnected.

Just as a single diet or one form of movement could never suit every single human, no one approach to healing can be right for every human.

That’s why I take a very different approach.

It’s an approach that takes into account the need to take the long view of your healing in a holistic way that acknowledges the interconnectedness of every aspect of your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

It’s an approach defined by the fact that no two people have the same body, the same history, the same circumstances, and the same experience of pain.

It’s an approach that understands that what worked for you before might not work for you now, depending on myriad factors like your current age, lifestyle, environment, emotional state, your heritage, culture, stress levels, as well as your physical symptoms.

It’s an approach built on the knowledge that the more you understand about health and wellness and your own body, and the options available to you, the more empowered you become to be your best health advocate and healer. And the healthier you become overall.

And it’s an approach that incorporates a wide range of healing modalities, not so that you can find the right one and become a champ at it, but so that you can take a flexible, holistic path to healing in a way that is right for you, right now.

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