Too often we coast along, assuming we’re fine, ignoring the little niggles that are trying to tell us something, powering through because we’re too busy to stop…

Until we realize we’re not fine. Stress leads us to burnout, we’re hit with the flu, or we pick up a virus and our body is too strung out to fight it off.

Even then we don’t stop. Pharmacies are bursting with solutions that treat our symptoms so we can keep powering through. Medicine to soothe unhappy digestive systems, painkillers to mask the headache that’s trying to tell us to slow down.

Western medicine is very much centered on treating symptoms, not causes. And hey, it works. We take the meds, we drag our butts to work anyway, and eventually our bodies are able to rally and fight off the infection. It’s not a bad system.

In fact, in many ways it’s a valuable approach, and there have definitely been times in my life that I’ve been thankful for the ability to hop to the pharmacy and pick up a cold remedy or some aspirin!

However, there’s another approach that may just offer a better solution, one that treats the root cause of an issue, not just the symptoms. An approach that offers a stronger choice in the long run: Chinese medicine.

This branch of medical science is, in essence, is about proactively keeping your body as healthy and strong as possible, so that you can avoid problems occurring in the first place, rather than relying on a pill to knock them out once they’ve come up.

It’s about treating health as an ongoing lifelong project rather than as a collection of symptoms that need to be managed.

It’s about taking charge of your health before you’re sick or in pain.

It works with the constant changes of your body, whether they’re linked to age, the seasonal changes, or external events to reduce stress, chronic pain, tension, digestive pain, and even emotional disorders such as anxiety.

And because stress and tension can play havoc with your immune system, people who actively reduce stress through regular sessions find that they’re better able to fight off those coughs and colds that are rife during the winter months.

Too often we look at the body in a disconnected way — we see our back pain, digestive troubles, and headaches as three separate issues when often they’re all part of a wider problem. Chinese medicine reminds us to look at the body through a wider lens, to see it as a whole, rather than a list of symptoms that need fixing. And when we can address the wider cause, the symptoms take care of themselves.

If you’d like to explore the value of Chinese medicine for yourself, I’d love to help you. Schedule your appointment here.