IMG_4798I have begun a year long journey with a group of practitioners from different professions. Our focus: the art of the healing word, the art of healing conversation and the art of daily practices for self healing and self care.

I’m very excited about this. No. Major understatement. I’m extremely passionate about this. As I reflect on my life’s work (so far), including the time before becoming a practitioner with a needle in hand, I see that teaching people to empower themselves has been a prominent theme.  And now, the healing results produced by my patients tells me that teaching basic wellness skills is imperative for us to live fully, no matter our circumstances.

I’m looking to explore and share this work with a group of at least five (5) people, to examine the ways our minor, daily body signs and symptoms can be viewed as wisdom guides for our good living, relying less on external experts. Your body is smart—it already knows how to live well and be “healthy.”

We will learn together about this enfleshment of ours that we call bones and skin and breath and thoughts and language so that we can live more fully and with more ease.

The investment of this learning involves:

• Your dedicated time for three hours of conversation per month for twelve months. We will arrange our monthly conversations for learning in a way that works for all . . .either one, three-hour evening or two ninety-minute times. Perhaps we will share a meal together.

• Your commitment to practicing your learning daily.

• Your willingness to discuss and share your learning with family, friends and coworkers.

• The cost to learn for a year is $50 per month.

Our learning will include dealing with daily upsets, learning to make effective requests and viewing the impact of language on our body chemistry, including how thoughts impact our gene expression and our immune systems. We will also observe how we eat and drink and breathe and sleep, and how these simple pleasures are also guides for our wellness.

Each season, you will be invited to a day of celebration with those individuals in the many other groups like ours to enhance learning. You will be able to bring family and friends to deepen your learning. At each of these events, we will awaken to the special gifts of nature’s seasons.  The first Celebration of Autumn is Saturday, November 9 at the Wisdom Well office in Columbia, MD. More details to follow.

The ongoing conversation will be a context of flourishing rather than merely reducing stress and pain. In this space, living more than maintaining, is possible.

If you would like to participate in this adventure please contact me at: mary”at”