Here’s the thing. Food is your friend. It’s sustenance, nourishment, and enhances human connections.

Food has a particular way it interacts with all bodies. It’s incomplete when you solely focus on micro-nutrient information. Much of the the modern conversation of eating or dieting is based on numbers. We’ve lost all sense (I mean that literally, too) of what to eat.

My advice, or general rule, during this Fall season (or any season) is to eat  80% of foods current with your geography and season.

And, a bonus health benefit would be to cross reference with foods recommended through Chinese medicine via a basic pattern you may have. You can read about and see recommendations here. This is a great way to learn something new about how another culture views food as having energetic properties that impact your health and well-being.

Chinese diet recommendations are based on matching the foods to your constitution or symptoms you’re experiencing. For example, if you have a history of running warm and sweat at night but lately are feeling cool and lacking energy, you have concurrent patterns. There’s a root issue (yin deficiency) and a current issue (yang deficiency). The good news is food is medicine and aid in remedying the symptom and the root of the issue. This is one of the strengths of Chinese medicine.

Looking around this time of year, Fall is the time to eat foods that you can store easily to simultaneously nourish yourself now as cooler temperatures are on the way and also prepare for winter. Root vegetables, nuts and seeds, squash, autumn fruits, legumes, lentils, mushrooms and animal proteins including bone broth. The seasons over the next few months are about turning inward and what we eat should reflect that and build your reserves.

If you’re in tune with the season, you feel good, clear, and relatively free of discomfort.

Modern diets lack is the attunement. I believe this is the missing link to why most weight-loss diets don’t work long-term. The energetic frequency of the food isn’t a match to your body and perhaps not a match to the season. I’ve witnessed examples of this over and over. Cleanses with cold vegetables and fruits in January, and the patient is feeling achy and cold particularly in the low back/kidney area. Heavy foods in summer and the person is lethargic and constipated.

But thankfully, your body is pretty resilient. It (you) will adapt to and make due to most things until, well, until you have symptoms so loud you just can’t ignore them any longer. Then, your body will let you know STOP in more dramatic fashion. It’s better to understand your body’s SOS before things go awry. Why not use 3,000+ year old medical science?

Check out the links above and drop me a note if they inspired you to eat differently.