Most of us think that the common cold or the flu are winter illnesses. I’m here to confirm they are not!

I’m pretty keen on managing the symptoms early when I’m getting sick. Yet, last week, my typical strategies were not strong enough for this bug. I was out flat for just a few days dealing with a certain type of misery that I hadn’t remembered experiencing in decades: sinus congestion, sneezing, fever, chills, daily wrap-around headache, severe back aches, dry mouth, mental fogginess, and weak muscle strength. But, my recovery was a mere three days. I missed only one day at the office.

How is this possible that I rebounded so quickly?

Here are six things I did to take care and bounce back:  

1. Sleep. Let’s face it. Being sick feels miserable so one of the few things you can do is to go to bed. Don’t keep yourself occupied with screens. Your body wants more down-time. Let her have it.

2.Water — for drinking and bathing. I needed to flush out what I had and stay hydrated. Plus, adding Epsom salts to baths draw out the toxins in your body and feels good on aching muscles.

3. Eat, but not too much. I didn’t have gastroenteritis (stomach version) so there was no aversion to eating. But, I had generated enough phlegm that it was masking any interest in eating. Because I was depleted, I knew if I wanted to cut my sick time in half, I’d have to stomach something. I chose a Standard Process multi-vitamin powder that I mixed with almond milk. Very filling and had the right amount of nutrients to help build my strength.

4. Topical warming oil + heating pad. I did have the most uncomfortable back aches. Applying the oil and adding warmth kept the aches/inflammation to a minimum.

5. Acupuncture. Luckily my acupuncturist, after multiple texts, wasn’t concerned about getting sick. I felt weak, but safe enough to drive.  Her treatments included gua-sha, where you take the back of a wooden spoon on the upper neck and begin “scraping” vertically in short bursts on the neck and shoulders.  This was a quick way to get my blood moving to help alleviate shoulder tension which was affecting my headaches. High heat from the Biomat (I have this at my office, too) melted away my aches and pains. She then gave me specific herbs to finish the job.

6. Herbs. In my own medicine chest, I was taking herbs known to help the body attack and remove an unwanted pathogen. She added some nourishing granules – and together they worked, and fast!

The next time you feel sick, call me to determine the next step to get you back on your feet again quickly.

Happy Spring!