There’s no one I trust with my health more than Mary — she doesn’t just treat symptoms, she’s a powerful advocate for your overall health and wellness.

I love that I can go to her for quick results with the relatively smaller stuff, like back pain and stress, as well as big picture, ongoing care for bigger picture things, like taking a proactive, empowered approach to my health.

Plus, it’s so reassuring to know that whatever I’ve got going on physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, she’s got the tools and training to handle it. On any given day I might get acupuncture, qigong, aromatherapy, an empathetic ear and some common sense, or some combination of all of the above!

I highly recommend her pragmatic, lighthearted, and effective care.

Rachel A.

Wednesday night qigong class was amazing!  It was cathartic and then calming. So glad to be part of this group!

Beth R.

You are clearly very attuned to body language and are a very good observer. You discuss you personal experiences as they relate, but not in a dominating the conversation kind of way. You make a point of validating negative feelings while still focusing on the fact that it’s holding on to them that’s the problem, not the feeling in the first place (when it comes to my anger, this is important). You make a point of keeping the focus on the individual experience, in other words, you tried to redirect me from generalizing or universalizing my feelings. You really noticed how I was holding back my emotions. You validated my emotional self as a powerful self, which is something I struggle with seeing as a positive. You noted that I frequently hold back on my feelings or expressing them (this is something I’m still processing to decide if it’s a personal truth because I honestly feel that I have so little control over them, but you said that I seemed to be really holding back and probably do often, so still mulling on this). You emphasize the mind-body relationship, and don’t consider them as separate entities. You are very warm and welcoming and positive.

Dayna S.

Mary’s a gifted coach, and she helps your recognize your own gifts with her words, demeanor, and examples. I came into her office super confused about my direction, and very frustrated with a lot of aspects about my life. After our sessions, I feel more centered and focused, ready to tackle the little things with my eyes on a farther goal, and a gratitude and appreciation for what is good in this world. She’s a great, non-judgemental listener who helps you figure out your own solutions, while providing great suggestions and ideas for helping things go smoothly. I really appreciate her asking me to focus on my body sensations to figure out how I truly feel about things, because it helps me learn to trust myself, and be able to chart my own path.

Dana R.

I feel about 1000% better today than I did before our appointment together yesterday.  Thank you for your fine care.  I’ve been thinking about all of the many things we touched on… There were many many many.  Your suggestion for getting support as I transition is just the ticket. I had a pleasant 24 hours where I was able to observe how my own vibe affects everything and everyone around me.  When I focus on my own body, it does help.

Karen N.

I feel good. I have the pain every now and then. I am being more mindful of my thinking and feeling when I feel the pain. I can observe the pain, acknowledge it and go on with life.I appreciate your kindness and wisdom. You are so kind and compassionate and that makes you one of best healers that I have known.

Forough S.

Mary is not only an acupuncturist, she is a wellness coach. Mary teaches the important life skill of approaching your life with ease and joy; resolutions to your physical or emotional ailments are a natural byproduct.  I use Mary’s lessons every day and since seeing her my life has drastically improved.  In the short year since our visits began I had a lovely first pregnancy and birth, moved to my dream town, purchased a home, left a job that was dissatisfying, and starting conquering my life’s goals.  I live by the mantra, “WWMD” (what would Mary do).

Zoë C

I thought acupuncture was enough, and I’m not usually big on the idea of group things. But this workshop is well worth the investment. I am only beginning to realize the full power that Mary has shared in practices of these sessions, but it is something I can build on for the rest of my life. You won’t regret it because it will, very simply, clarify your life. I am so grateful.

This afternoon, I had a freak-out [read: upset] about my job. Just like the old days, I was scared, anxious, angry, and not in control. But with the skills we learned in the workshop, I was able to flip this all on its head and right myself. This workshop has taught me that <> am in control of ME, and how to step into that power.
It’s a practice of total empowerment.

Don’t wait to take it, because it really will change your life. It changed mine – and that sounds dramatic, but it’s these small steps we take and how we live our lives that add up to make the biggest change. These practices (and the people you’ll meet and learn from) are not to be missed.

Molly K.

After using skills learned in the course, Living an Empowered Life, a very difficult and stressful relationship has transformed into something quite mild and inconsequential. How did that happen? I changed the way I looked at things, examined the “story,” and realized words are just “vibrations on breath.”

My step-daughter Francine is barely tolerant of my presence after 13 years of marriage to her father. When her grandfather passed away, I knew I would have to interact with her over the course of three days and was, as usual, apprehensive. I remember calling Mary before going to the funeral home, telling her that I was headed into the “belly of the beast.” We talked about how much effort it takes someone to be as controlling as Franny. This was a different way to look at her behavior and made me more empathetic. More important, I was armed with the tools to make choices about MY behavior.

When the time came for her to assert herself, I simply allowed it. No resistance, and thus no drama. What would have normally put me into orbit didn’t because I didn’t “go there.” I changed the pattern. I decided to be subordinate, and in doing so, I was the powerhouse I was born to be. In other words, I didn’t engage. It takes two to tango, after all.

Mary was so right when she said my family is my greatest teacher. I learned that resistance is futile and stepping aside isn’t a sign of weakness. Quite the opposite. After the three days, I had no conversations to replay in my head of petty snipes or unkind words. If they were there, I didn’t notice them. I decided to support my husband and mourn our loss, and move on. It still amazes me that what was a great source of struggle for many years isn’t any longer.

Gretchen N.

Mary just rocks out the practice. I’ve been working with her for 2 years. Along with the acupuncture, I took a 4 week class on body awareness and learned what it means to be present. The major takeaway was just to remember to connect with the breath. Mary is always expanding her knowledge base and the techniques and tools she uses has helped me with asthma, grief, and anxiety. I joked the other day I feel like a born again human reconnected back to the wonder of life and not some sort of robot.

Alicia G.

I would say that I am much more attuned to how I physically react to bad situations now than I was before. I started a new job on Monday . I noticed that, minus all the “I need this yesterday!” demands — I am a lot more relaxed and sleeping better…and it’s only been 2 days!

I haven’t been mindlessly eating like I would in the old job out of nervousness or sometimes boredom. I made it to both workouts yesterday and today, whereas just last week I would feel so physically and mentally drained I’d roll over and go back to sleep in the morning, or make an excuse and go home to binge-watch Netflix. I’m not sure I would have noticed these changes before the classes. I’m also noticing that I’m looking forward to being able to go back to night school in May, knowing that I will have the time and energy to do so in this new position.

I notice my symptoms (which in my mind are reactions to stress) far more now than I ever did before. When I get my [for lack of a better term] anxiety symptoms now, I make sure to breathe deeply, get up and walk, get a mug of mint tea, and break from work for even just 3 minutes.  

You are a gifted woman, Mary. God bless you.

Kate H.

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