Zhineng Qigong Science and Hunyuan Qi Therapy (ZNQ & HYQT) are powerful movement and mediative treatments. Much like acupuncture, I consider them to be “needleless” acupuncture. We are opening and moving stuck energy that causes pain, tension or sleepless nights.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and ZNQ/HYQT scientific theory believe that diseases are caused by Qi and blood deficiency and Qi and blood circulation disorders which results in an imbalance of various vital functions to occur. The Qigong practice and Hunyuan Qi Therapy (the conscious meditation) increases Qi and blood in sufficient quantities and supports the uniform and smooth circulation of Qi and blood flow throughout the body.

I think of ZNQ/HYQT as ways to organize the body’s Qi (or energy).

Qi is a more precise word because it describes a deep life force that resides within you. That life force gets disturbed by internal and external factors, including stress, pollution, negative emotions, trauma, etc. If you are unable to transform this, your body’s health is compromised.

Movement and meditation are a powerful combination to achieve health and well-being.

Through movements and conscious focus meditation, vital functions of the body are restored, strengthened and improved. Through practice, you become the master of your consciousness.

When I returned to the office after my initial training in Greece, I was ready to implement my learnings.

My first patient arrived and did not look well. She admitted she was at a level six stomach pain. Rather than use my trusty needles, I had her get on the table to begin a meditation. I walked her through my process. After fifteen minutes, she said her pain level was zero. She came back two days later saying her stomach issue had not returned. But she had starting coughing yesterday and pulled a muscle on the right lateral side of her abdomen. I, again, walked her through my meditation process. After 15 minutes, I had her cough. She reported zero pain. She mentioned additional benefits (similar to acupuncture) including a deep sense of peace, decreased anxiety and worry, better sleep and enhanced awareness of how her thoughts affect her symptoms.

It’s been just over a month since the initial ZNQ/HYQT training and I documented over 50 treatments whereby the area in need of healing decreased in discomfort or completely disappeared.  The more I practice the movements and the meditation, the treatments become stronger. Anyone can practice this and with great anticipation, I can’t wait to teach what I’ve learned.

In the meantime, I hope to see you soon to experience the effectiveness of Zhineng Qigong and Hunyuan Qi Therapy.