Whoa! 2020 has been quite a year and there will be more to come in the days, months, and even years ahead.

If you are feeling an unprecedented amount of stress (stress defined as a mix of anxiety, worry, anger, grief with physical symptoms), you’re not alone.

How do we powerfully manage the barrage of news and information of how 2020 has been a massive wrecking ball? How are you managing?

Did I hear you say “I take naps?”


If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m an advocate of rest when your body sends you the message to do so. Not surprisingly, I get pushback on this. I get it. This part of the subtle training since childhood to do more, push ourselves to exhaustion, then normalizing it and labeling it as being a good American.

Feeling tired is a wonderful feedback message to say it’s time to shut-down and go within for a while. With all the heavy and seemingly endless amount of bad news that is happening, I say the best way forward is to carve out time for yourself to nap.

Napping will be one of the MOST radical acts you can do. Especially if you were raised, incentivised, bullied, and/or peer pressured into dismissing and avoiding your tiredness, your depletion.

If you’ve navigated major trauma, you’ll stretch way beyond your reach into an unhealthy state of overdoing. And, in our culture, over-doing and expending more energy than needed, you will be praised (or receive demands for MORE). You’ll be acknowledged for ignoring the wisdom of your body.

That’s what systems of suppression and oppression insist we do to normalize and focus outward recognition and to avoid going within, reflect, and get to know who we are. When you stop and rest, you get to know your limits, set boundaries, say no to what doesn’t nourish you and yes to what does.

You are not a machine.

You are not a machine and you can’t keep going and going and going without a huge cost to yourself and those you care about. Imagining your life and the world you want to live in takes time and that time is best spent resting.

So, clear your mind of all the BS you’ve ever been told about taking really good care of yourself.

This includes a nap.

Shall we?