The energetic of Spring is UP and OUT. Observe what nature is displaying all around you. Yes. We are still receiving reminders of Winter, as if this season is offering another pause – a not-so-fast question that asks: “Are you really ready to spring?” The addedspring message could be: “Go back into Winter – recharge and don’t come back out ’til you’re rested. You need deep resources to bloom brightly in Spring.”  As we close in on warmer temps, the blossoming trees, flowers and shrubs, having gathered sufficient resources, rise up with their potential from the previous Winter.  Can you unequivocally say this about yourself?

This time of year, allergy conversations abound. I have patients who report mild to miserable allergies, including itchy, watery eyes, lots of sneezing and sinus pressure.  I hear reports from people who pay attention to the pollen count; and if there is anything I could ask of you it’s to NOT pay attention to the pollen count this year. Patients say they are miserable because of xyz pollen, that the count is very high and therefore they suffer. This, and they often report a family history of allergies.

I am incredibly sympathetic to the allergy conversation. I, too, come from a long, exhausting battle with allergies.  And, it was compounded by the fact that I was symptomatic around animals, particularly cats.  As an animal lover, that was unbearable, both physically and emotionally. Visits to friends were prescreened with “Do you have any animals?”, and replied with “We’ll keep Fluffy in the bedroom,” (which made no difference). With the help of my acupuncturist and various teachers over the past ten years, I’m no longer suffering.  My partner has two cats and, as you know by now, I have a dog, Adam, who has been with me for ten years. How is this possible?  I also come with a family history of allergies, so how can it be genetic?  I dislike the genetic conversation as it basically states you’re screwed. I say, however, that there is always possibility!  I’m here to say that hope springs eternal, and I have some suggestions for you to consider that may end your allergies once and for all. They worked for me.

  1. Make an appointment. With me. Both for symptom relief and a conversation about how to end your suffering. What you speak about – your allergies, for example – only magnifies them, thereby adding to your suffering. Imagine not spending time and energy each Spring not obsessing on this topic? What would you do with all that freed up time? Let’s move on from it, shall we?
  2. Self-care. What I observed during my heyday of uncomfortable, mostly upper-body symptoms was that I was not well-rested. During past Winters I had been pushing through and not taking advantage of the gift of the slower season. Sleep is now a priority for me, and if I do notice the rare sneeze or stuffy nose, I look at my sleep schedule. Was it off?  Usually, the answer’s a big, fat YES.  But sleep is just part of the equation. There are generally four or five other symptoms, related to good habits that are either missing, or I’ve taken up that don’t serve me. Which leads me to one of my other symptoms…
  3. Address your anger. It’s the one emotion that obstructs free flow of anything except for terse words and hairy eyeballs. I was well-trained to stuff anger down inside, and when I finally said “enough,” the way I dealt with it wasn’t helpful. I’d become rather loud and annoying to be around (hey, I’m a work in progress ;). And, yes, emotions had a lot to do with exacerbating my allergy symptoms. Anger is a fantastic way to move energy, get clarity, get creative. But the outcome of the healthy expression of anger is that, once expressed, you move one. It’s forgotten. NO more tales to tell. Then, joy can set in.
  4. Lastly, read this. It’s the view of allergies from a Chinese Medical perspective. Enjoy! But remember #1, make an appointment!