There’s something so incredibly enticing about the thought of a radical change, an overnight transformation. Just think of the ugly duckling to graceful swan makeover montage in, well, every teen movie ever.

The idea of becoming someone new, or at the very least a “better” version of ourselves, is seductive — and it’s one that we’re particularly susceptible to at this time of year, when we’re feeling a bit burnt out, a bit hung-over, a bit bloated, and more than a little tired.

And, oh boy, do business owners know it.

Which is why, every January, you’re hit with the same old “new year, new you” ridiculousness. These businesses — many natural health practitioners included, I’m sad to say — jump on the “you’re not good enough” bandwagon and really exploit the fact that you’re feeling terrible. In fact, they’re often the ones that make you feel terrible in the first place, what with their ads and their emails designed to tap into your insecurities so you’ll buy into whatever they’re selling.

And what they’re so often selling is the idea of a quick fix, the miracle cure, the overnight transformation.

So this year, I say it’s time to make a stand. Because there are two very good reasons not to subscribe to this “new year, new you stuff” at all:

  1. You’re perfect, right here, right now.
  2. Overnight transformation just doesn’t work.

And it’s about time we unpack both of these before you get sucked into the hysteria of inadequacy.

You’re already awesome.

Forget everything the media is throwing at you right now and take this in:

You’re already enough, exactly as you are. Whether you’ve over-indulged, whether you’re stressed out, whether you’ve had the best holiday season ever, or the worst. You’re perfect and you do not need to change in order to be more worthy, more lovable, or more wonderful.

Got it? Good!

Now, just because you’re already awesome, doesn’t necessarily mean that your life is, and I’m in no way saying that you shouldn’t try to make changes. You may have aches and pains that you want to heal; work that you want to do to improve your life physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

And that’s absolutely cool.

But hoping it’ll happen overnight? Or thinking that there’s a quick fix? Or that happiness lies at a specific endpoint? That’s the stuff you need to reframe if you want to make changes that last beyond the second week in January.

They key to change.

You may have stuff going on, aches and pains on every level, yet growth and development requires it to expand your consciousness and develop all the good stuff — courage, compassion, and love. The stuff that makes up the foundations of real change.

And these foundations of change take time — and outside support — to build. Transformation is a process and it doesn’t begin with self-loathing or with a radical NY resolution; it begins with processing and then acting on new learning. It begins with changing thought patterns and slow, gradual changes. And, above all, it begins with self-love, and the courage to ask for support.

Not because you’re a victim, and not because you need to turn to someone else for all of the answers. But because, just as a tree needs sunlight, and water, and microorganisms to thrive, we too need many things as we embark on a life-long journey towards health and happiness.

Our economy may well thrive on the perpetuation of the idea that you’re not good enough, that you need to change, and that no January would be complete without a total rejection of the “old you”. But you’re not thriving on it — in fact, none of us are.

So this year, I invite you to join me in rejecting the “new year, new you” madness. I invite you to fall in love with the idea of life-long change, long-lasting healing, and slow but spectacular transformation. To fall in love with failure and the power of picking yourself up again. But most of all, I invite you to fall in love with yourself — exactly as you are, right now at the beginning of this brand spanking New Year.

And if you need support on any aspect of your journey to better health, know that I’m here for you. No quick fixes, no overnight transformations, no making you feel inadequate; just the help you need to heal.