I’ve been talking a lot about how frustrated I am with what we’ve been seeing going around social media –– I don’t know about you, but right now my feed is a mix of over-the-top cheerfulness and fear-based hand wringing. 

As I said in my last email, I’ve found myself in this space where, instead of falling into either one of these dichotomies. Instead, just as I do in my medicine, I’m focusing on a particular reality.

That’s why, when people have been asking me how I am, I’m not saying “I’m fine” or “I’m OK.” Instead, I’ve been being honest and saying,

“I’m changed.”

And so are you. So are we all! And, while I’m not looking to put icing on sh*t, I am seeing a positive in that we’re all being forced to confront our pain. To confront the reality of our selves, individually and collectively. To explore and expand our own discernment, and deepen into our roots. 

And that’s where my deepest fear comes in.

My deepest fear throughout all of this is not that we will suffer (because pain is inevitable), but rather, that we will forget. What I fear most in this time is that everything we’re learning will be erased or watered down with the push to get back to normal. That we did not go deep enough in reflection. (I’m speaking to my people, the white privileged folks.)

Because the truth is, this is an incredible opportunity for discernment. For getting clear on what truly matters, and letting go of what doesn’t. And I can think of no greater disservice to all the work, and suffering, and sacrifice than letting those lessons go in the push to get back to normality.

I’m still reflecting on this. I’m still learning, and leaning into it. And I know my take on this will change as we all move through this together, yet in our own process. That brings me some peace, because I know it means that we’re moving forward –– not backwards. I’d love it if you’d join me.

As always, if you’d like some support as you move through this transitional time, I’d love to be there for you. I’m doing lots of distance work in the form of Zhineng qigong, distance healing, and telemedicine office visits that’s now likely covered by those who have medical insurance, so click here to find out how I can support you.