Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had two types of clients over and over again: people who have gotten so wound up by the holiday that they’re finding it hard to come back down, and people who are so worn down they’re having a hard time wanting to do anything but rest.

The problem is actually the same: it’s an issue of energy flow. In the case of the people who are running around like headless chickens, they’re leaning so hard on their energy reserves that they’re going to burn through them soon. In the case of the people who are worn down, their energy is flowing so sluggishly they’re finding it hard to function.

There’s a lot of things at play in both cases (and a lot I can do to support you, if you happen to be thinking that those symptoms sound oddly familiar!) but there’s also a really easy qigong practice you can do for some on-the-spot energy balancing.

It’s called spine scrolling.

This is a movement I learned from my qigong master, and it’s really easy to do. All you do is start by standing up straight, then gently, smoothly roll down through the vertebrae of your spine until you’re folded over as far as you can go. Once you get to the bottom, you keep the movement going and go right back up. Do this a couple of times, and I guarantee you that your energy levels will start feeling better.

Here’s the cool thing about the spine: it acts like a highway for energy.

Which makes sense, right? Just think of all the nerves contained there, and all the electrical impulses that travel up and down your spine every millisecond. Qi moves up and down your spine too, radiating outward from your spine to all the other parts of your body. The more movement you incorporate in your spine, the more freely it flows. But the more stiff your spine is, the less free-flowing the qi. And since freely-flowing qi is what gives you balanced energy and keeps you well, it’s no wonder that you tend to feel more stressed and either amped up or worn down.

That’s where the spine scrolling comes in. It’s a really gentle, effective way to  create some movement in your spine and get the flow of qi going again. You can think of it almost like pushing against the water in a still pool. Once you give it that initial push, the waves will start flowing back and forth, and you’ll get some momentum going. If you don’t create the initial movement though, the pond will remain still.

The best part?

You can do it anywhere. Seriously, as long as you have space to stand up in and at least a minute or two to stretch, you can do this move. That makes it perfect for a little mid-holiday dinner break, a morning stretch, a way to wind down before you go to bed … really, any time you find yourself starting to get stressed or tired, it’s a good idea to get a few repetitions in.

Try it the next time you find yourself feeling like you could use some energetic support. And remember, I’m always here to help! If you want more full-spectrum support as you move into the holiday craziness, I’d love to provide that for you. Find out how I can help here.