There’s been something in the air the past week or two. As many areas turn to fall — including my neighborhood, which seemed to go from summer to late fall overnight! — it seems like many people are getting the feeling that it’s time to make some changes, draw some boundaries, and generally get their house in order before we all bunker down for winter. Are you feeling it too?

It’s all about the seasons.

Both the literal changes in the weather we see around us, and the seasons of the year in the Chinese tradition. While we may still be getting a few warm days here and there, we’re definitely coming to the end of fall, which is the metal season.

Now, metal is all about boundaries, values, letting go, and creating room for spaciousness. Think about the function of metal: it divides. It cuts and separates. It draws a clear line between one thing and another, and it puts up boundaries that protect us and cuts out the things we don’t need anymore.

In the body, metal is associated with the colon, which is physically the “last stop” for food to get sorted and divided into the things we need and the things we’re going to pass on, so you can see that same function of dividing, protecting, and letting go there.

As we start to move into winter, this is the perfect time to lean into the element of fall and let things go.

Do you have something going on that needs to be resolved? Maybe an ongoing conversation you need to have with someone, or a boundary that needs to be held, or reinforced? This is the perfect time to do that.

Same thing goes for your physical surroundings and your body; if you get quiet and think about it for a minute, are there any things you’re ready to let go of as we round out this season? It could be physical things, like extra clutter or stuff you just don’t want in your house any more, or energetic things, like old worries or trapped traumas. What would life look like without those things in it anymore?

What would it be like to step into spaciousness?

We’re about to go into the most introspective, yin-energy season of the year. If you clear things out, so to speak, before we get there, you create a whole lot of room for new things and ideas to generate and get ready to burst forth in spring. So this week, I’d invite you to think of one way that you can use the element of metal to create more space in your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. I’ll be spending the week increasing my quiet, introspective time, reflecting on who I want to be, who I’m showing up as, and what parts I’m ready to let go of. How about you?

PS – If you’d like some support as you finish out the fall season, I’d love to be there for you. Find out how I can be of service here.