You can’t help but see it the moment you walk around the corner to my office: a mural of a coneflower, taller than I am, painted right up the front of my door. It’s a beautiful piece, half shown from the outside, with the purple petals and rich brown center, and half but open, showing the inside of the flower like a botanical drawing.

It’s really made the new office feel like “home” –– and not just because I like the way it looks. You see, coneflowers have always had a special significance to me.

It’s about integrity.

Coneflowers are closely related with the idea of maintaining an integrity of the self. This is why they’re often used for immune support. After all, if you’re whole, and integrated, and strong, then you’re less likely to pick up illnesses.

I’ve always felt drawn to them –– in fact, coneflowers were the first botanical I studied, long before acupuncture and qigong even got on my radar –– and the purples and green colors have been the backdrop of my life. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve also had all kinds of immune system issues, including the one that nearly killed me when I was 28.

We’re drawn to what we need.

Our bodies and beings are so smart. We encounter pain, and illness, and the general stresses of life because we are human, and living in a tangible world. But we’re built to heal, and your body will tell you what you need, if you listen to it.

In my case, it was support for an immune system that didn’t know what to do with me. And, along the way, some lessons about remaining my whole self in general.

It’s all coming full circle.

The more I dive into my qigong studies, and the more I grow as a business owner, the more comfortable and confident I’m becoming in who I am, and that includes all the different parts of me. I’m no longer content to pick and choose, and I’m no longer content to let my patients pick and choose. You don’t come to me specifically for acupuncture, or for qigong, or for herbs, or for coaching. You come to me to heal, whatever form that takes.

Wonder what that might look like for you?

Are you showing up as your whole self, in full integrity? Or are there pieces missing? Maybe there’s something that you’re not sure you can share, or something you’ve been told to keep quiet? I wonder what it would look like for you to show up fully, whole in your body, mind, and spirit. No judgments, no demands … but what if?

PS – Qigong can be a great way to help you reintegrate if you’re feeling like you’re in a bunch of different pieces. If you’re in the DMV, drop in to a Saturday morning qigong class and see how it feels!