There’s something incredibly exciting about January, isn’t there? That fresh-start, clean-slate feeling; the intoxicating thought that almost anything is possible.

Then, of course, the “New Year, New Year” hysteria dies down and by February it’s business as usual.

But what if I told you that anything really is possible? Well, hang on to your hats, folks, because 2020 absolutely can become your “year of possibility”, and it all starts with four Chinese words…

Hun Yuan Ling Tong.

If you’ve ever been to Zhineng Qigong class, you may have noticed the teacher (and indeed some of the participants) muttering under their breath and wondered if they were cursing inept students, or rehearsing lines for an upcoming amateur dramatics performance.

Or you may have heard them repeat a sort of mantra throughout the class and wondered what on earth it means.

So today, I’m going to uncover the secret — because this mantra is so effective, so powerful, so life-changing, that absolutely everyone should be given the chance to try it for themselves.

What does it mean?

Let’s start by breaking the mantra up into its separate components. In Chinese, Hun means unite and transform, while Yuan means unity or all-embracing. Taken together, Hunyuan refers to Hunyuan Qi, which is the Qi Hunyuan, or your vital energy, fused with the Hunyuan Qi of nature and the universe. It speaks to a coming together of energy; a connection between all things.

In the second part of the mantra, Ling Tong means “bringing good results”, or “very effective”, while Ling also means “true self”.

So, when you put it all together, there are a few different translations that give you an idea of the power behind the phrase:

“The idea has already manifested itself”

“Total possibility”

“Everything is taken care of”

The translations may differ linguistically, but you can see the theme running through each one is the idea that if you connect your true self with the Hunyuan Qi and set an intention, then the intention is already realized. The cogs are in motion and success is the inevitable outcome.

It’s about merging your mind with Hunyuan Qi to create information (like the blueprints we talked about in last month’s post). This information will produce a powerful Qi field, removing blocks, and telling the universe to get busy making your goals and wishes a reality.

I’ve seen Hun Yuan Ling Tong help people heal themselves physically, improve relationships with the people in their lives, and overcome seemingly impossible challenges. I’m not being melodramatic when I say that it’s life-changing.

Making it work for you.

Of course, none of that is easy. The universe does throw you the occasional curveball and you have your internal and habitual chatter to deal with, too.

That’s why you’ll notice your Zhineng Qigong practitioner repeat the Hun Yuan Ling Tong mantra so frequently.

You see, it can be a potent phrase to utter whenever you encounter a problem, but the best advice is to practice saying it daily, whether aloud or in your head. When you come back to it day after day, hour after hour, it remains at the forefront of your mind. It will become an integral part of your thinking. This is what is called a “qigong mindset”.

Instead of having to constantly remind yourself of your inner potential and limitless possibilities, utter confidence in your own power and that of the universe, will become your default state. You will truly believe, in your heart, that all things are possible.

You’re already successful.

Of all of the different translations of Hun Yuan Ling Tong, one I’m particularly drawn to is “Already successful”. And, as qigong practitioners, we emphasize that further by adding “Hao La” which translates into “done”, or already successful – an extra punctuation mark for what you DO want. 

Just imagine approaching every new situation, every challenge, heck, every morning, with the thought, “Already successful”. What might you achieve this year if you firmly believe that success was inevitable?

Of course, when it comes to asking the universe to make our wildest (or even our more modest) dreams come true, it never hurts to have a little back up. So why not join my Qigong class this month and amp up the power of your new favorite mantra? When you tune into the Qi of those around you, and all recite Hun Yuan Ling Tong together, miracles don’t just feel possible, they feel inevitable!