Summer is such a fun time of year –– the energy of this season is all about abundance, expansion, and activity. It’s the perfect time of year to lean into spending time with friends, doing things outdoors, and generally enjoying the long, sunny days. To make sure you’re feeling your very best and brightest while you’re doing all these things, remember these three tips:

  1. Don’t go overboard on the cold foods!

    It’s tempting to really go to town on freezing cold foods when it’s hot outside, but this is actually really bad for your digestion. Cold foods aren’t digested by your body in the same way as warmer ones, which forces your body to draw energy from its “lower burner”, which is connected to your kidneys. Draw on it too much, and you can unbalance your kidney fire, leaving you tired, restless, and irritated. So take it easy on the iced coffee and salads –– or at least balance them out with some nice, warming foods. 
  2. Stay hydrated, inside and out.

    The primary element of summer is fire, which is wonderful when it’s in balance … and a pain to deal with when it’s out of balance. Leaning too hard into the fire energy can make you feel manic, like everything is moving too loud and too fast, and can even mess with your circulation and skin. Keep things flowing nicely this summer by balancing out your fire energy with water. This can be as literal as drinking a lot of water, (just skip the ice!), spending time in the water, and hydrating your skin with oils and healthy lotions. 
  3. Use a qigong practice to keep yourself feeling great all summer long.

    Qigong is, quite literally, life-changing –– I’ve been so thrilled to see the changes I’ve created in my own health and healing practice, and to share this wonderful modality with others in my Zhineng qigong classes. If you live in the DMV area and want to join us in a gentle, effective practice to destress, increase your energy levels, and improve your overall wellbeing, we’d love to have you!

This summer, we’re focusing on digestion. But it might not be what you’re expecting. We’re not only focusing on how we integrate not only food, but thoughts that “feed” the body in a disempowering way. Over the course of 8 weeks, we’ll practice transforming them into positive qi to truly feed you so your body has a chance to heal, and literally feel nourished.

Find out how to join us here.