Or maybe not.

Maybe you’re not so thrilled with the turn of the season.

Many people are uncomfortable with this time of year. You may love it because it brings relief from the oppressive heat and humidity of late summer (well, maybe not this year) and it’s refreshing to embrace the cooler weather and beauty of the season. But you may cringe from it because you love summer’s warmth and activity. However, the Fall season brings necessary reflection and opportunity.

We are headed into the most quiet time of the year, Winter, and now is the time to design a rhythm for our days. Developing a consistency, a rhythm and routine,  is correlated with longevity in Chinese medicine.  With the more physically and energetically active seasons behind us, perhaps you are more aware of the quiet. And with fewer distractions and more space to breathe, your thoughts may seem louder. Unfortunately they often focus on the negative—what you haven’t done or accomplished, your self doubts and fears.  If that’s what’s going on with you, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are resisting this most precious time of the year.

For those who are less than thrilled about the transition to Autumn, I know that a few sentences in a newsletter won’t entirely shift your perspective, but consider that this season provides an opportunity to remember and act on what inspires us, to let go of what doesn’t serve us and allow what does to appear.

The prominent energies of this time of year are connected with the Lung and Large Intestine. Many issues of the body-mind-spirit manifest in the physical body around breathing and the bowels.  Skin, the third lung, can also be a canvas that shows you where you are out of balance in your life. All symptoms are teaching you about how to care for yourself, to discover what serves you in self-care.  For example, when I headache myself (yes, I do it to myself), I look back over the past 48 hours to see what was missing. It’s likely I was staying up beyond the time I know that’s good for me, and meditation or quiet time was also likely missing.

Our emotions this time of year also seem to reflect the season. This is the time for contemplation and being with what is; also known as acceptance. What often comes up is a sense of loss or, in other words, grief. In this space there is the opportunity to reflect on what’s essential, what you value, and let go of the fluff you’ve used to cover over your authentic self.  For example, you may have a wide circle of friends, yet you don’t know many of them well, or may not feel a strong connection to them. However, for the people you do feel a deeper connection with, this season might highlight the desire to connect more deeply with the few, rather than the many.

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