“I feel sorry for old people,” quips my my 86 year-old Mother.

I must’ve audibly chortled as she quickly softens the comment by adding that she hoped she didn’t sound arrogant. I’m grinning ear-to-ear listening to her back-pedal that I might see her seriously thumbing her nose at her peers.

We were on the phone chatting and catching up about various things. She lives in Maine and I in Maryland. She uses the term “old” when people in her age group “act their age”. You know, use a cane, complain about their health, daily rituals of conversations about aches and pains. She was reflecting on her own health, saying she’s pain-free.

“You need to share your story,” I say. “You know, brag to inspire others. What do you think it is, yoga?”

“I think so,” she says. “You know, you just have to keep moving.”

I’m still grinning. This is a woman who also had eight children. A feat of strength in and of itself.

My Mom is a role model for us all. You are more vital than you feel. You are not your ailment. Life IS movement.


Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers everywhere!