Wednesday and Saturday 
Zhineng Qigong Class


Relax and ground yourself in these unpredictable and high anxiety times. Restore and revitalize by connecting the mind and heart to heal the body, decrease stress and pain. An added benefit is increasing your immunity in a virtual commUNITY!

See you soon!


I signed up for Qigong classes with very little prior knowledge of the practice, only with a desire to find alternatives to western medicine to maintain my health. From the start I was amazed at the effect it had on me. Mary patiently and thoroughly educated the class on Qigong’s purpose and history and then prepared us mentally before teaching us the movements. I could clearly see that the routines are refined over years of continuous practice but I saw results immediately. Knee and ankle pain that had plagued me for years has been reduced to almost nothing after practicing the movements a few times (my western doctor told me to manage it with ibuprofen and to basically live with it).  And the results are more than reduced physical pain. The meditative nature of the practice has also enabled me to lower my blood pressure! Needless to say, as a newcomer to Eastern medicine, I am truly excited to have discovered something that has and will continue to be so life changing. 


What IS Zhineng Qigong, anyway?

Zhineng Qigong, or medical qigong, is a series of meditative body movements, but really a life practice that leads to improved health, an experience of inner peace, balance, joy, and the unfolding of your inherent wisdom.

A targeted sub-set of qigong –– Hunyuan Qi Therapy is a type of energy work predicated on creating balance and flow among your body, mind, spirit, and qi, or energy –– it’s one of the most effective ways to both address ongoing issues as well as amplify the effects of other beneficial practices, like meditation, good eating habits, and sleep.