Do you find yourself having a major eye roll moment any time you come across an “I’m cured” article?

Oh boy, can these stories be frustrating — mostly because you’ve already tried just about every “cure” going. Yoga: check. Meditation: check. Green juice every morning: check. Vegan/raw vegan/gluten free/paleo diet: check.

You’ve done it all over the years in the hopes of finding more energy, relieving stress, or coping with chronic pain. But nothing really works too well. At least not in any long-term way.

So you give up.

And now you’re more than a little jaded. I get it.

I’ve had those moments myself and I see this manifest time and again in my work as a health practitioner.

But just this week, I had a minor breakthrough — not so much an earth-shattering revelation but the ability to see the situation through a wider lens.

You see, I was watching a recorded Zoom conversation between my international colleagues and practitioners of Zhineng Qigong. And yes, before long we came to an “I’m cured” story.

One of the teachers, Andreas, had been diagnosed with a fairly major disease — having been told initially that he was facing serious deterioration of his quality of life, he now finds himself symptom free. His amazed medical doctors have cleared him and he is not expected to require any further treatment.

So what gives?

  • Misdiagnosis?
  • Spontaneous healing?
  • Fluke?
  • A serious green juice habit?

Or maybe you’re back in eye roll territory, assuming his story is a one-off situation, the exception not the rule, unique, and not repeatable.

I’d be right there with you — only I’ve seen this happen countless times, read countless case studies about the efficacy of Zhineng Qigong and the power of the body to heal.

But, there’s a caveat.

Andreas wasn’t cured by Zhineng Qigong…he was cured by consistent practice of Zhineng Qigong.

He explained, “If you feel good after Qigong practice, if you feel your current condition has improved, this is immediate feedback that the practice is working. If and when you no longer feel so good, get up and do it again.”

As I say, this isn’t an earth-shattering revelation for me, but it really struck a chord. It was a valuable lesson on the importance of coming to Qigong with the desire to accomplish not just experience. Confirmation that the intention to heal is a prerequisite to practice and that while fixation on the area of discomfort isn’t necessary, allowing the energy to move in the body is absolutely essential.

Cancelling “quick fix” culture.

I’ve had so many clients tell me, “oh, that treatment felt so good, it’s really worked”, and never seen them again. Or they’ve returned a month later and had to start from scratch rather than build on the momentum they’d already created.

And, yes, I’ve heard people admit that the herbs or supplements they tried worked but they stopped taking them because they didn’t fix every single symptom.

Hey, it happens. We’re trained to look for quick diets, one-and-done solutions, and wonder cures that’ll fix everything from head to toe in one tiny pill. We’ve been conditioned to forget that whichever path to healing you decide to follow, it’s going to take time, patience, and above all, a commitment to regular practice.

But Andreas’ story is a reminder that if you’re not getting the results you want, you don’t give up and start experimenting with something new. You return to what felt great before and you check in with your levels of participation.

At the height of his illness, Andreas spent up to six hours a day practicing a single Qigong sequence — he even did it out of order initially but still felt better because of his strong intention to practice and to heal.

Sure, six hours a day might sound excessive but for someone in Andreas’ position — someone whose quality of life was diminishing rapidly — it was a commitment worth making.

And his (and my) advice to you?

Don’t wait until you need six-hour daily sessions. Step up now, set your intention to heal and make a commitment to show up for your healing on a regular basis by practising little and often.

Commit to consistency and practice to ensure a lasting fix, not a quick fix.

I’d love to support you on your journey to healing so why not come and start your regular practice with our community. You can drop in for a session every Wednesday and Saturday and look out for the opportunity to join our community membership Meditation and Qigong Practice in September.