“Change your thoughts and you change the world” — Norman Vincent Peale.

Well, that’s a mighty big responsibility, so how about today, we focus on how your thoughts can change your world? Can change your energy and your health?

Now, that is doable — and it’s all thanks to Qi.

You see, in life, every thought is a blueprint: every thought has direct power over Qi because thoughts contain information, information which then mobilizes Qi energy. Energy then becomes matter.

And matter becomes reality.

Take that glass of water you have sitting beside you.

It started with a thought, the blueprint information: “I’m thirsty, I’m going to get a glass of water.” The information mobilized your Qi energy. Your body followed the command of the thought; you got up, walked to the cupboard, selected a glass, and filled it with water.

It’s at once completely innocuous and incredibly powerful. You had the full expectation that you were going to get that glass of water; you didn’t doubt it, didn’t fear it, didn’t ask if you were worthy of it. You just did it.

Had there been no water available for any reason, your thought blueprint would have mobilized more Qi to create the end result — you’d have gone to the store, borrowed a bottle of water from your neighbor, whatever. There was no doubt in your mind that you’d get that glass of water.

Yet, it works in reverse too:

Matter dissolves into Qi and becomes information: it sets the blueprint.

Let’s take another example…

Imagine you’re looking for a new job. You may be excited but you’re also scared. You have a myriad of doubts and fears circling your mind — maybe you don’t want to be tied down, or have to work so many hours. Maybe you’re not sure it’s the right position for you.

Every thought is a new blueprint.

So you don’t prepare for the interview. You’re too nervous because your desire for the job, your thoughts of wanting, are mingled with fear and doubt. And so you lose the power of concentrated thinking, the power of having a single focused blueprint. Instead you have a whole tangle of conflicting blueprints; you may get the job, you may not, the end result is a guess because you can’t know which blueprint will manifest.

You’ve created more doubt, more fear.

So now you have the concept, how do you apply it to changing your world?

How can you use Qi energy to heal, to cope with pain, and to enjoy better all-round health? To act from a place of positivity instead of doubt and fear?

Let’s look at one final example.

Every morning, you wake up and think, “I am sick/I have this condition/I’m in pain.” This is the blueprint information. You command your body through this information and so your body continues to express itself in that way.

The mind, which creates the thinking, forgets that it is the true commander and instead just listens to the body. The body, of course, then continues to feed back the same blueprint. The mind reinforces it by saying, “See, I am sick, I have this condition. I’m in pain.”

It’s the very definition of a vicious cycle. And while it may feel like you have very little control over it, you have more control than you may think.

So if you’re dealing with an illness, with pain, or with other health-limiting symptoms, here’s my invitation to you:

Change the blueprint.

Remember that the mind commands the body, and you have power over your mind, your thoughts, and your blueprint information. Yes, you may be sick but this is also past information. And you have nothing to lose by exploring and experimenting with new thinking, by trying to create new blueprints.

If you notice a thought about your condition, follow it with, “I am well, I am healthy.” Know that for every cell in your body that’s experiencing challenges there are a trillion more that are functioning perfectly.

After you affirm with your new health blueprint thought, act on it. Move that part of your body more, note the feeling your body produces when you tell yourself you are well. Commit to flooding your body with gratitude for the things it can do, rather than focusing on the things it can’t. And above all, keep sending out good information.

Because your Qi is there and ready to mobilize, ready to create your world — you just need to tell it which blueprints it’s working from.