It’s Good Information

“You could take anti-depressants. Or, you could just be with your sadness.”

These wise words were offered by a therapist. A friend had been feeling really low and wanted perspective.

“Oh, yeah,” she then thought.

What struck me about this was that the therapist didn’t jump to medicating her feelings.

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Three Lessons from China

One of the things I love most about my practice of healing is that it never ends. To some people that might sound depressing –– it’s never done! –– but to me, it’s exciting. I get to go ever-deeper into the world of body and spirit, and what it can do, and what we can...

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You can’t do healing halfway.

Any beauty therapist, any personal trainer, any cosmetic surgeon will confirm that most of us have that one body part that we just hate. We’ve been trained to. Think about how many TV commercials you’ve watched, or how many magazine articles you’ve read that encourage...

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4 Ways to Beat Springtime Sneezing — Naturally

Can you feel it? Spring is most definitely in the air. The temperatures are beginning to rise, the sun’s rays are beginning to regain their strength, and you can start to think of leaving the house without five additional layers of clothing. Well, almost. But what of...

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Are you becoming a self-care skeptic?

If so, I’m dancing right along there with you. When we first began flirting with the self-care movement I was overjoyed. We’re all living with so much stress, so much pressure to have more, do more, be more, I figured that it was about time we started to take a...

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The #1 Thing You Can Do to Uplevel Your Habits

You’re already busy — on one to-do list you have your career and family commitments and you have a whole other to-do list full of stuff that’s supposed to help you deal with the stresses of the first list. You know, the gym to keep those endorphins coming, the...

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The Real Value of Chinese Medicine

Too often we coast along, assuming we’re fine, ignoring the little niggles that are trying to tell us something, powering through because we’re too busy to stop… Until we realize we’re not fine. Stress leads us to burnout, we’re hit with the flu, or we pick up a virus...

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Why This is the WORST Time of Year to Do a Cleanse

We’ve all seen the ads: things like “30-Day New Year Detox!” or “Start the year off right with a new year, new you Cleanse!” It’s the time of year when this sort of stuff starts coming out of the woodwork, and at first glance, you might think that it makes sense....

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What to Eat to Support Your Body This Winter

There’s something about winter that makes you just crave warm, hearty foods. It’s the season of soups and stews, potatoes and squash, roasts, and of course, deliciously spiced hot chocolates and teas. While this makes a lot of sense intuitively — after all, when it’s...

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