While there are plenty of folks out there gleefully dusting of their waterproofs and big boots ready for some muddy fall adventures, there are just as many who are acutely aware of the passing of the summer and all of the joy it brings.

You may be in mourning for the sunshine, the mood-boosting daylight, vacations and time spent outdoors at BBQs and pool parties. You may even be apprehensive about the fast-approaching winter months, with the stress of the holidays and threat of snowstorms.

But the flip side of every ending is that it brings with it a new beginning — and I think there’s something about fall that just screams rejuvenation and new starts. Excitement and opportunity.

Maybe it’s a throwback to childhood and starting the new school year with enthusiasm and a brand new journal. Or maybe it’s something to do with the weather as fall breezes bring a sudden spike in your energy levels.

Let the seasons be your guide.

Whatever the reason, it’s so important to let yourself be guided by the energy that each season brings — because Mother Nature really does know what she’s doing. If we give ourselves space to tune into what she’s trying to tell us, we’ll move through the seasons in a way that supports our health and wellness all year long.

That’s why I’m convinced this is the ideal time to think about new beginnings: Mother Nature is providing a freshness in the air that makes all things seem possible!

Just as it’s the perfect time to plant your spring bulbs, it’s the perfect time to hatch new plans, create new projects, or even start new hobbies. That class that you wanted to take but didn’t sign up because you knew your vacation would get in the way? Now is the ideal time to commit. The new business idea you had brewing but put to the side because the kids were off school? Now is the ideal time to take action.

For me, fall is the best time to lean in to exciting new ideas and adventures — you still have plenty of time before nature puts the winter brakes back on and tells you that it’s time to relax and reflect — and if you start now, come springtime, you’ll have already laid some powerful foundations.

My own fall challenge.

This fall I’m taking my own advice and throwing myself into a new beginning: I’ve moved into a new office. And while I do feel bittersweet about leaving my former space, a space that had allowed me to grow, to thrive, and meet so many wonderful people, I’m grateful to the energy this season is giving me to embrace the change and look forward to the memories, growth, and friends my new office is sure to bring me.

So if you’ve been focusing on the sadness of the passing seasons, try to refocus your thoughts. Remember that with every ending, there comes a new beginning. And while the leaves may be falling, the tree is hard at work creating those lovely little buds ready to burst out next spring.