After two years of consideration, I enrolled in a 2-year medical qigong program. I’ll be studying with an international group of mostly medical and healing practitioners. People who are interested in how to harness their mind-body connection for healing, use this knowledge in their lives and teach it to others.

There are many styles and teachers of qi gong as there are acupuncture. Medical qigong is practiced in China as a highly effective treatment for many diseases, alongside acupuncture, herbal and dietary therapies.  These meditative movements are the foundation of healing in at least 10 hospitals in China. Practicing various movements are designed to heal at the root level of disease and restore vitality and well-being.

As I begin this journey, I’ve been thinking that the mind-body connection is the biggest mystery and likely misunderstood by most. Yet, it’s become the biggest soundbite from the wellness industry.

I have a great desire and personal commitment to experience healing on a profound level as well as offer that to my patients. This is only the beginning.

I hope you’ll stay tuned for updates on my training on a beautiful island in Greece.

Wishing you peace and vitality,