5 Days to Awaken How YOU Heal

Powerful ways to lower stress and tension through the wisdom of your body.

Perhaps you’re not sure of why your back, neck, jaw hurts or other symptoms persist. And, all the things you do fix them are not long-lasting-band-aids at best. What if you have a patterned response to stimuli, such as your mother-in-law, your boss, or your noisy neighbor that has become an unobserved, automatic reaction of physical tension. The response has so faded into the background and is bottled into  “that’s how it always is”. The connection to the neck or back pain or migraine diagnosis is a missed opportunity to learn how you unknowingly tense yourself. Or, if you know, you are not successful at interrupting the sensations. The discomfort has become fixed and forever life pains rather than a dynamic set of body and thought reactions that you’re unaware you’re creating.

The only way we can heal is to first begin observing the body. This is How You Heal.

Mindless healing is rampant where you jump from one doctor or practitioner to the next, hoping they can explain and fix the problem. These small dose How YOU Heal emails are designed to aid you creating awareness of your body- you know, the you that’s below your neck that carries around your marvelous brain. The design of the 5 day video emails is to awaken your body. The result is understanding how unobserved bodily sensations are connected to the mindless (or mindless) things you do. It’s time to wake up to your own power. Now is the time to interrupt your auto-pilot. It’s time to awaken how you heal.

Sign up for 5 days of audios conveniently delivered to your inbox whereby I ask a variety of questions so you begin to observe your body. Your body is giving you signals-sometimes subtle, sometimes very loud-on how to take better care of YOU. I won’t have any theories to offer, or any abstractions. And, most definitely no purchase required for gadgets or apps.Your body is a highly functional  Fitbit®-much more intelligent, more gorgeously and exquisitely designed! The simple exercises will reawaken and connect the power of your mind to your body and vice verse. This is a journey of recovering your awareness, your senses, your body as an entire sense organ. We once were deeply connected to our surroundings, our bodies. Consider this a gentle reconnaissance mission to find your way back home, your True North.

The short and sweet audio clips are designed for you to pay attention to YOU in a very particular way. We are going to frame your symptoms as wise teachers. Your body doesn’t do anything for no reason. The videos are designed to interrupt or perturb your thinking and help recognize the wisdom of your body. The truth is, you have and always will have symptoms. A symptom-free life doesn’t exist. Instead of running to the doctor for every little ache, pain, you will begin to discern what warrants a trip to your practitioner and what doesn’t. This is the beginning of becoming your own primary care provider. You begin the process of trusting yourself, your body again.

Each day for 5 days, you’ll receive emails that include practices to develop body awareness designed for you to tune-in throughout your day. You will discover relief, because that’s what we all want. By fine-tuning your awareness, being curious about your head pain, aches and bone breaks, you will discover how to feel less discomfort and tap into your reservoir of power.

This is How You Heal.