‘Tis the season to feel overwhelmed with food, events and relationships.  Wait.  Is this the holidays or every day?  Either way, Mary and I recently teamed up for a fun workshop, “Eating with Ease for the Holidays”.  Who doesn’t need a little ease in their life—it’s good for you!

When I start working with a client I often hear, “I eat healthy for the most part but I cheat sometimes”.  With all the Halloween candy hanging around and more tempting foods coming out for the holidays it is easy to feel like you are “cheating” and very easy to get stuck in the discomfort of overeating.

The reality is you are not going eat healthy foods all the time.  That is ok.  It is the worry and judgment about “cheating” that often gets you in trouble.   When the mind is stuck in the loop of thoughts of what you should/shouldn’t eat you become disconnected from your body.  You miss important signs and signals your body is giving you to slow down, getting full and you overeat.  Let’s skip the idea of cheating and find a way for you to eat less and enjoy more.

Simple tips for a big impact!

  1. Put the food on a plate.  Choose a plate you like, make it an experience to enjoy rather than an experience of guilt.
  2. Sit down at a table.  Avoid eating in front of the refrigerator, tv, cell, while you are walking.  Be present: smell, touch, notice your food.
  3. Chew thoroughly.  Take smaller bites.  Practice chewing until the food is liquid then swallow.  Notice the spectrum of flavors on your taste buds and take in the pleasure of the food and eating experience.    When you tune into pleasure the first time you won’t have the urge to go back for more.

Minor shifts in behavior and our relationship with food create big changes.  When you feel stuck trying to find the right foods to keep your weight down and energy up first start by noticing the experiences you are creating around food and your food—do does it feel good and healthy?  Wishing you a holiday season of delicious ease and pleasure!

If you are ready to uncover blind spots that are holding onto weight and draining energy set up a 1-hour Nutrition Strategy Session with Holly.  Special rate when you book before November 30th and mention Mary Morrison, $75 ($80 savings!).


Holly Harmon, CHHC, AADP

Certified Holistic Health Coach